RJ45 Ethernet Cable Combiner Splitter Kit (2-Pairs)

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This is for driving two POE devices off one cable. If you have an extremely long run for one camera and you needed to add another, this would be a great solution. Plugged into two POE+ ports at the switch which uses one CAT6 cable and at the far end it splits to two POE ports that you have a splitter for Ethernet and 12-Volt to run a powered mic and camera and the other is just running another POE camera. Another solution would be having a splitter for Ethernet and 12-Volt and one for Ethernet and 5-Volt. You can also run a camera and power injector if you want. Each connected device requires a separate router/switch port. Only 10/100 is supported over 2-pairs according to Ethernet standards. It supports 802.3af PoE applications.

  • RJ45 combiner/splitter kit saves money by allowing one Ethernet cable to be uses for 2-devices
  • Using two male RJ45 and one female – fewer cables are needed
  • Long run connection 1 x 8P/8C RJ45 female
  • Device/switch connector: 2 x 4P/4C RJ45 male
  • Cable rating: Cat 5e
  • Max speed rating: 100Mb
  • 25-Watt per circuit if CAT-6 is used
  • Combines two 802.3at ports into one uPoE port
  • Max speed rating: 100Mb in uPoE usage
  • No splitter required at the remote device


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