8 WAY DC POWER LEAD (5pcs per Pack)

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This 8-way DC power splitter is an easy way to split your CCTV cameras, LED strip lights and other home electronics needing DC Power. It is 17 in. long, which features 1 female 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm jack and 8 male 2.1 mm x 5.55 mm plugs. It provides a simple solution for power connectivity. Package comes in 5 splitters.

  • 8-way power splitter cable compatible with all CCTV cameras, LED light strip, monitoring equipment, monitoring camera, router, switch, broadband cats and etc.
  • 1 female and 8 male DC adapter, input and output 12VDC
  • Cost effective and easy plug and play
  • One 5.5 mm female to eight 2.1 mm male ports
  • Free from interference
  • 5-pieces pack

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