1000ft 95% SIAMESE CABLE- White Color

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Siamese cable consists of 2 cables: 95 % coverage RG59U video cable and 2 conductor 18 gauge electrical cable all in one jacket. This design makes installation easier by carrying video and power over 1 cable run. Our RG59B/U cable features a 20AWG or 0.81 mm center conductor and 18/2AWG stranded power wires for better conductivity.

  • RG59B/U Siamese cable
  • Inner conductor: 20AWG – 0.81 mm in diameter
  • 2 stranded CCAM 18 AWG 1.02 mm power cable
  • 95% braiding coverage
  • Wire construction: inner conductor CCS, power wire CCA
  • Jacket: PVC (fire resistant) 6.1 mm
  • Spool

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