AC 24V, 40VA UL Listed AC 110V

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This 9 Port CCTV Camera power supply is the perfect solution for your professional installation. It helps clean up your camera and accessory wiring by allowing you to consolidate all of you power connections into one central location. Each output is protected by a Smart (PTC) Fuse rated to power devices up to 1.1 Amp. Unlike traditional fuses you can’t blow a Smart Fuse. The Smart Fuse will disable the output when it detects a short circuit, and will re-enable the output once the short circuit is fixed. Each channel also has its own LED status indicator to make troubleshooting simple. This power supply can be used with CAT5e Cabling and Video Baluns, RG59U Siamese Cabling and connectors, premade cables, as well as standard wire from 14AWG to 24AWG.

  • Output power: DC12V 7 Amp output
  • Input power: AC 100-240-Volt
  • External power switch
  • PTC protection for each camera output
  • LED indicator for input power
  • Wall mount and surface mount
  • Includes power cord
  • Fuse rating: 1.1 Amp
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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