Jumbo Indoor Siren Strobe Box (Red and White)

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This Outdoor Siren is designed for areas where wiring is difficult or impossible, it has weatherproof and it seamlessly connects with your home security system to alert burglars and neighbors of intrusion with a loud siren and a flashing strobe light. If an alarm is triggered the siren sounds and the flashing LEDs are activated. Not only will this scare off the intruder, but alert others and the police that something has gone wrong.

  • SAB mode is available, equipped with internal 7.2-Volt rechargeable battery
  • Dual tamper protection form upper cover removal or removal of the bell box
  • Piercing siren sound with high-visibility xenon strobe flashes
  • Twin or single sounders are selectable
  • LED indications
  • Selectable external or internal tamper trigger
  • Operating voltage 10-15 VDC
  • Self-activating cut-off timer
  • Backup battery
  • Compatible with most intruder control panels in the market

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